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pict : 1997/05 Clones I, Raoul Marek - Ten photographes

" The sphere of interpersonal relations represents one of the principal artistic applications
for the generation of young artists in this environment of the nineties. In this context, Raoul Marek is considered a precursor. For more as 20 years now he has been creating public performances, public-works, conferences with video projections, installations and exhibitions which understand artistic creation as a communicative moment to share and as an activator of perception that sharpens all our senses.
Although among the numerous contemporary creations there can hardly be found any
research for symbolism - the circulation is preferred to the content that is really exchanged - Raoul Marek introduces in his work anthropological, sociological and philosophical questions.
His creations do not affect defined forms of which you could say that they would characterise
his work, but they convey much care in elaborating the form and space of the different composing elements.

Raoul Marek shows a world, that represents a net of mental and local relationships, that perceives the human being and his surroundings in the present.Raoul Marek doesn't
understand primarily the art as interface between private and public area as a question of the once defined medium (ex. Video or painting), but rather as an artistic thinking and as a dialogue with the many-layered sides of our current reality, in which the work requires his
specific medium. The borders between mediator/artist and rezipient consciously again often
are moved in his works on that occasion.
In different gradation, it is appealed to all senses. Raoul Marek creates a definition of the artwork, that widens the artistic work as interdisciplinary process, that thinks in paramount contexts, with it and where doesn't categorize primarily, and the different areas of the culture
are insulated.

Each of the interventions of Raoul Marek is patiently elaborated on the basis of observations
and meetings made on the spot with the intention of gathering all kinds of potentials.
(The artist speaks here of the "dialogue method"). The sensitive approach in its application
is always situated "between", between private and public, between inside and outside, between the experienced moment and collective memory, between social and mental space.
He operates at the intersection between two areas, that are regarded as conventional contrast-concepts: Life-approval and illness, party and death, culture and everyday life, indoors and outside, mobility and transparency, short: Art and lives.

The work of Raoul Marek is also amazingly attractive and accessible to persons who are
not familiar with contemporary art. Due to the fact that they put the public into a position of
an actor who takes part in an exchange process, these works are based on a relation of
reciprocity, being both dialectical and experienced at the same time."Stéphane Carrayrou Paris

 PDF : Discussion / Interview Hans Christpoh von Tavel- Raoul Marek Cat. Kunsthalle Bern 1995

 PDF : GALLERY 2007 - Photographie / Drawings / Objects

 Installation "The moonbag" six feet under, Fine Art Museum Bern 2006/07

Raoul Marek - EXIL – La salle du monde Musée Zadkine Paris 2003

Raoul Marek - La Villa du Parc Centre of contemporary art Annemasse 2004

Installation "random community - La salle du monde" Lieu unique Nantes 2005

Installation "Project La salle du monde" Kunsthalle Bern 1996

Installation/PublicPerformance "Dessous", Biennale of contemporary art Lyon 2000

Installation "Dessous", Fine art Museum Bern 2002

Installation "Eglise des Jésuites", Musée des beaux arts Sion 1989

Installation "x-el" - St. Johannis Church Berlin-Moabit 2003

Installation "Celling" Kocherhospital Bern 1983

 Installation "Waitingroom 1.3.1936 - 4.5.1985" Fine Art Museum Bern 1981

Installation "Projection-room" Fine Art Museum Mönchengladbach 1987

Installation/PublicPerformance "rosso e nero" de Fabriek, Eindhoven 1987

Installation "No.8", Centre of contemporary art Melbourne 1988

Installation " Dear F.H. ..Cher F.H. ..." Fine Art Museum Bern 2000

Photographie "Clones I" Paris 1997'

Photographie "The close finish I" Fribourg 1991

Skulptur "Indiatravel" Hamburg 1987

Videoinstallation "The speach no.6" Rennes 1985/90

Voxi Bärenklau : Photoinstallation "Kugelzonenbilder" Stuttgart 1993

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