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"KOPF ODER ZAHL / PILE OU FACE" Installation interactiv

Swiss National Bank Zurich - 2000 Raoul Marek

The permanent video-installation in the public counter-area of the money-institute shows the customer's / visitor stepping at the counter back-portrait directly.The live-projection the turned back-figure multiplied and shows the anonymous represented visitor as integrated component
of the work and the architecture. The pictures are not stored.

Technik: Thomas Junker /Hans-Peter Bigler

 PDF : Video-Installation Swiss Nationalbank Zürich (germ)

General Text :

" It would be banal to say that Raoul Marek deals in all of his works with places and spaces. However, it is neither the sculptural space defined by categories like volume, emptiness or dynamic, or the architectonical space, although this one is very often the framework for his works.

The object in its artistical exploration is the social and spiritual space of a place. But Raoul Marek does not apply scientific criterias for studying people, their institutions and rituals. He watches places concerning it socially relevant interactions (for instance the game in ritual actions). His work is meant to influence these habits. With the help of every-day-objects or materials, mainly chosen in regard to their affective or culturally defined potential, he creates private enclaves in the public space and vice versa.

He makes immobile objects mobile. He disturbs our every-day-habits, our agreements, our rituals. He establishes new models of relationships between people and their different environments and gives them new emphasis. " Dr.Bernhard Fibicher

 PDF : Text Public Art - Raoul Marek

HOSPITAL : Corporate Culture Project "The Moonbag" 2004/07

UNIVERSITY Bern, No. 1- 1982/83

CHURCH : x-el - St. Johannis Kiche Berlin-Moabit 2003

WASH-HOUSE : Le lavoir de Phlin, Moselle/F 1997/2000

NATIONAL-BANK : "Kopf oder Zahl/pile ou face" SNB Zürich 2000

UNIVERSITY : Institut für Infektionskrankheiten IFIK, Bern 2000

HOSPITAL : Hôpital de Sierre 1993

HOSPITAL : Entry of the centre hospitalier Annemasse-Bonneville 2000

VILLAGE & TOWN : La salle du monde Oiron 1993/ La salle du monde Bern 2004

CHURCH : "Eglise des Jésuites", Musée des beaux arts Sion 1989

PARC: Le jardin public Auvers sur Oise 1990

CENTRALPLACE : Biel /Bienne 1991

DIFFRENTS SPACES : M.I.E.L – Championship in the home country 1987

CIRCUS : Sculpture Nomade bleue, "Adrienne Larue", Paris, Hospitality Project 1997

HOTEL : Schweizerhof Bern : Alles und noch viel mehr - Hospitality Project 1985

 DIFFERENTS SPACES : Bar-sculptures - Hospitality Projects since 1985 ff.

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